Monday, 20 February 2017

Chapter 100!

Once again,  it was another quiet weekend on the sites, perhaps because I am disobeying Agony Uncle and not logging on to browse or trawl the sites until my fingers bleed....

We have arranged to meet next month for a posh nosh supper half-way between our two homes and I know he will want to inspect my hands for tell-tell signs that I have been trawling.  I don't think I can  carry off wearing gloves while eating so am psyching myself up for the daily trawl...😜

I do believe there is something to be said for logging on daily in order to get noticed.

At 10pm last night,  he of the longest, saddest face I've ever seen, replied to my email.

I had thanked him for making me a favourite and said I'd read his profile with interest and did he know that Cancerians (him) and Taureans (me) are reputed to make a perfect match.

He has replied. without any pleasantries, saying "Where do we go from here?"

Give me strength!  Since he took 5 days to reply to my friendly, chirpy email, sent out of pity for his sad, long face, I shall delay replying, while pondering his question.

In search of inspiration, I turned to the next page of my Ladybird Book of Dating which, if you are all sitting comfortably, I will share now

"Men's brains and women's brains are different, Even as children.  Boys like to knock a Hula Hoop off an After Eight with a cocktail stick.  Girls prefer balancing a first class stamp on top of a Mr Man's bowler hat.

To get along, men and women pretend not to mind those little differences.

Or they become homosexuals"

During Sunday however, things became a little livelier and I received two messages.  One was a reply to mine sent in the morning to someone not too far away who had a long, but eloquent profile, talking a great deal about wealth, but that it wasn't important to him. He mentions that his wife and ex partner both took money and property from him and he doesn't sound bitter at all....

He has said he would like to meet for coffee and a chat.  I imagine I will need to sign a prenup before accepting the coffee invitation.

The other simply said "Hi.  I love your profile. Wow".

I shall try and think of a suitable reply to him, as well as Sad Long Face, while imagining each of them knocking a Hula Hoop off an After Eight with a cocktail stick.....

But the best message of the evening came not from a dating site but was a personal message from a friend I've known for about 10 years.  He told me he was enjoying reading this blog and that it had encouraged him to dip his toes back in the water.  I think much of the encouragement probably came from a 7 day free membership to one of the sites that he mentioned in the same message!  He says as he knows I like happy endings, I might like to know that before his 7 days expired he has managed to contact 5 women locally, exchange messages and phone numbers, meet for a coffee,  a dog walk and a possible cinema trip.  He doesn't say if this is with the same lady or with several but I'm pleased for him.

And I take great comfort from knowing that he has not become homosexual!

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