Wednesday, 15 February 2017

I exchanged a few messages with the Agony Uncle yesterday and he was very supportive.  He understands how it feels to spend Valentine's Day alone as he has spent the last 10 years or so on his own but this year is different for him.  He told me what he was cooking for his new lady that night and described how he has decorated his home and set a romantic table for the two of them which she will find when she lets herself in before him with the new key to his front door which he has given her - something he says he has never done before.  He tells me they are sooooooo happy and so right for each other.

He also tells me I need to trawl the dating sites until my fingers bleed because if he can find someone, so can I!

For anyone unfamiliar with a conversation between an agony uncle and his protegee, ours yesterday went something like this:


We are soooooooo gooooooood Diana, we still can’t believe it and have made many plans.  She is just “perfect” for me and me for her… she says….obviously!  Driving up to Scotland in the morning and staying overnight in Gretna Green….and NO before you say it… plans; it was just a convenient stop over.  

Well Pip was a no-hoper as I had predicted, so let him find his opposite number…a tubby with hairy legs.

As to Paddy in Tipperary…….do get a grip woman!    The next one will be Gary in The Gambia who will fleece you for all you have!   Spring is in the air, so get earnest (no, not Ernest) and find him fairly local’ish so you can wine’n’dine him in your beach hut with the summer ahead.  Trawl the dating sites till your fingers bleed;  no excuses and get yourself a man!

He was supportive of my decision regarding Pip.  I am happier about it this morning too, as Pip got the weather wrong and its been a miserable rainy day not the bright sunny one he predicted for taking a country walk.   Or for arriving by motorbike....

Overnight I received an email from one of the sites advising me that someone had sent me a Question. Oh, how  I dislike questions and icebreakers!   Why not just send an email?  I imagine because questions can be sent without paying a subscription whereas the sending and reading of emails require us to be a fully paid up member.  As the question arrived a few minutes before midnight on Valentine's Day, I also imagine it was one of the special themed messages for Valentine's Day which I declined to use.  Anyway the message is from a 68 year old widower not too far from me whose profile photo shows him with not one, nor two, nor three dogs, but 5!  All identical.

His question, thankfully isn't about dogs, or even how to spot the difference, but is "If I told you I fancied you, what would you do"

I have replied this morning in a proper message, thanking him for his question and saying simply "I would return the compliment"

I feel for him as his profile says he's back on the dating scene after 30 years and he is widowed.  He probably found yesterday difficult.

Someone else has made me his favourite.  He owns horses and says if I can ride, one of them is available for me to hack,  but not the other as she's a bolter and only for him.  He's not looking for dating, but a "visiting relationship" which is a new one to me.  He lists his dislikes as:

Braggarts, people who don't like me, Thatcherites, Corbynistas, tripe, ice cream and horses that bite,kick or screw-buck.

He sounds a psychologist's dream!

I have also emailed someone in my home town who also added me as a favourite, thanking him for doing so.  He has the saddest, longest face I think I have ever seen and I thought he needed cheering up.  

The Agony Uncle is often right, and is now living his dream.  Its taken him 10+ years of trawling dating websites until his fingers bled, but I can't deny that it has paid off for him. 

Lucky sod!

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