Monday, 20 February 2017


I replied to the one whose ex wife and ex partner took all his money and houses.  I'm not sure if they were accomplices or if it happened at different times, but he's obviously not happy to have been a victim of financial and property rape twice.

I said I'd be delighted to meet for coffee but mentioned I was going away later in the week to visit my daughter and help with the wedding planning, giving him the option to meet this week before I go, or in early March when I've returned.   He suggested the latter.  I expect this is to give him time to draw up the prenup...

Overnight I reflected on Sad Long Face and decided that if his only conversation is "Where do we go from here?" he'd be no good doing the Dashing White Sargent on the dance floor in July.  I decided not to reply, even though he is on my doorstep.  It's a mystery why he made me a favourite if he cannot engage in conversation with someone who expresses an interest in him  I shall let him stew.

I did however find the good manners to reply to the one who lives 200 miles away but who liked my profile - Wow!  I sent a similarly short message saying the feeling was mutual and what a shame we lived so far away.

Strangely, he replied.  He's a competitive cyclist and  knows my town because he holidays here twice a year, usually bringing his bike and cycling along the prom  Ah, so now I understand his contact.  Not quite a girl in every port but perhaps he is looking for a convenient someone when he comes to stay.  On yer bike, sunshine.

So, as it seems I may have  date with a prenup early next month, I have turned to my Ladybird book of Dating to prepare me

"Getting ready is part of the date.  Michele's fried Allanah has been doing Michelle's hair since Wednesday.

Michelle's date, Chris, is still a home.  He has prepared by doing up most of his buttons on his shirt and tidying his fringe with spit.

He is finishing a mission on Call of Duty and will be twenty minutes late.

Bernard and Gail are on-line friends who have finally met.  They know they have a lot in common and are going for a walk.

All Bernard can think about is checking his telephone.  All Gail can think about is how she is going to describe this date in 140 characters when she goes to the toilet."

Ouch!  That brings back a few memories of a date who kept checking his phone throughout each meal....

I wonder how Agony Uncle is getting on in Scotland and whether he and his new lady have got any further than Gretna Green.   I'd better start trawling the sites until my fingers bleed.  I think he's due back tomorrow ☺

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