Friday, 17 February 2017

Its been another quiet day on the dating sites.  No emails.  No new viewings since my expensive "profile boost" has expired.  I have another missed call on my dating phone from Tipperary Man but no message since I have deactivated the voicemail facility on that phone.  Tee hee!

He is persistent, but obviously not so keen that he can follow up with a text or email via the site.

So today my resource material comes from the Ladybird book of Dating.  Yes.  I treated myself to this essential little handbook when out shopping for a birthday present for my son.  It is a hoot and I'm expecting great things now after reading it from cover to cover while drinking a cup of tea.

Here is an extract from the first page:

"Dating is a fun way of meeting someone who is as terrified of dying alone as you are. Finding this person takes time.  Cupid's arrow can strike when you least expect.

Angela has been struck by Cupid's arrow and is going to live happily ever after.

Lonely people know "the One" is out there somewhere.  They search the whole world for them.  It is surprising how often that soul mate turns out to not be on the other side of the world but fairly nearby, and reasonably drunk.  The perfect match"

And, in the extra time I have on my hands through not having to reply to dating emails, I've worked out how to upload a photo too so I may well occasionally post mug shots of some of the ghastly fellas I am obliged to turn down or block.

This is going to be such fun....☺      Oh and I've found the emojis too ☺👀👍

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