Thursday, 16 February 2017

Slow News Day

Its been a very quiet day on the sites today.

I imagine some are still in the first flush of Valentine's Day luuurve, while the others are still down in the dumps over it.

I remember Pip telling me during our first and only conversation that he had a spell of being down in the dumps.   While he really was lovely company, this may be where the first seed of doubt was sown. I really do need someone who is stable and consistent, including their moods.

I'm not expecting to hear a thing for at least a week from the Agony Uncle who will have spent last night at Gretna Green with his new lady.   There have been no messages or notifications on the site either and not a single visitor to my profile.  Eeek!  I have sent three messages to different blokes who have not replied.  How rude!

I'm starting to get a complex.

So my news today comes from the riveting weekly column for midlife singles returning to the dating scene.

Today's couple are mere spring chickens in their mid 40's.  In a nutshell, both had been put off internet dating (they have my sympathies).  He was keen on her, but she wasn't on him and they got off to a bad start when she arrived at the meeting place ahead of him and was waiting at the bar when he arrived.  It was his first date in 8 years, and she said afterwards that she knew immediately that he wasn't for her (been there and got the tee shirt, love!)

He, on the other hand, said that she was 80 per cent of what he was looking for.  He likes quirky.. At the end of the meal he asked her if she would like to remain friends.  She said no. Awkward.

The Dating Doctor's expert advice is, I suspect, the same as last week and refers once again to the golden rule which is to keep expectations low and enthusiasm high.  She advises not to be too hasty to make a judgement based on appearance alone.  Attraction has much more to do with personality than looks but we do instinctively know within minutes if the person is really for us.

She also tells us to see a failed date as a stepping stone to meeting someone we like more.  That means I must have trodden the Giants Causeway in my pursuit

Dating Doctor concludes that chemistry is like chaos - its hard to tie down.  It doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you or them, but that we were are not right for each other.  Yup!

Cue a phone call on my dating phone.  I haven't checked it for days but when I heard it ringing this evening, I ignored it when I saw Tipperary Man's number flashing on the screen.  He hasn't left a message so perhaps he will email via the site. If anyone isn't right for me, its a peer who has been as careless losing years from his age, as he has losing wives and marriages...

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