Friday, 17 March 2017

I should have had a date today.  The man whose wife and partner took all his money and properties emailed last week saying that if I told him when and where to meet, he'd be there.

So I suggested Friday at 11am, sent a website link to the beach side restaurant I recommended for coffee, and gave him my dating phone number, should he like to chat beforehand.  Chatting beforehand was on the advice of Agony Uncle after observing some of my disastrous dates in the past.  He now insists I speak with any date by phone before agreeing to meet.  I almost got it right.

No reply to the email, and no contact via dating mobile so I guessed the date wasn't going to happen and messaged at 7am this morning via the dating site to say as I'd not heard back from him, and wouldn't want either of us to have wasted journeys, could he please text or phone if he was still wanting to meet.  Zilch.

Quite apart from the total lack of good manners, what is wrong with these men??

To be fair, he did eventually reply later in the day - of the morning we were supposed to meet - saying:

"I am such an idiot, I thought I'd put the ball in your court and was waiting for you to suggest something, forgetting that you had.  I've let work get the better of me this week, dare I ask for another chance and time please?"

Correct.  He's an idiot.

I've replied, briefly, saying he has my number and he can phone any time.

Talking of phones.  Tipperary Man had left another message last week and when I returned his call, he told me he was in the Quiet Carriage of a train bound for Shropshire.  He once again said I was the only person from the ghastly dating site he had spoken to  (I'm now convinced this is all part of his chat-up line) and he suggested meeting, after the Cheltenham Festival, where he was heading to, after Shropshire. This tells me I'm not as important as the other nags in his life.  Sadly, from my point of view anyway, this has now gone cold anyway.

Agony Uncle bailed on our posh nosh date this week, but he is forgiven as he's had a family bereavement and after taking 2 weeks off work to organise a funeral and deal with family matters, he's had to go away on business.  It buys me some time as I have little dating news to report back with.

But I have hope.   I am suddenly receiving a lot of messages on the site which means my subscription must be about to expire and they want me to renew in order to continue communicating. This will please Agony Uncle as my fingers should very soon start to bleed.

Someone whose username I cannot remember, and who I haven't replied to, but was local said he liked my profile and photos and asked me to take a look at his.  I lost interest when I saw the one of him astride a shiny red motorbike and then lost interest big time when I read that he doesn't own a TV, has a couch but never sits on it, doesn't own a mobile phone but has a push bike

Another one emailed with a one liner and his profile photo shows him cradling a model aeroplane.


Someone not too far away began emailing yesterday.  His profile says he is ex police force, and has taken early retirement.  He has a great sense of humour and we are doing a lot of flirting by email.  He told me it was his birthday yesterday so this morning I messaged to see how his day went.  We're batting and balling a bit and I told him I was probably going to bunk off down to my beach hut for an hour or so later.  He came back asking if he could join me.   Eeeek!

Since we only began exchanging messages yesterday and haven't yet spoken by phone, (plus it is very close to the beach side coffee shop I had suggested for the meeting with the man whose wife and partner took all his money and properties, and it could have been a bit tricky if he had turned up too), I avoided replying. When I do reply to PC Plod I shall have to confess that I didn't actually make it to the beach as the weather changed.    In any case, we hadn't spoken by phone, so would have been breaking Agony Uncle's dating rules.

As it happens, I have other things to think about.  This weekend I'm off to my first Hindu wedding, as a guest, minus a +1.  Commencing with breakfast at 10am, two ceremonies, an Indian feast, and an invitation to the evening reception afterwards, this event is causing me quite a bit of stress, mostly because of the numerous outfit changes.

But I am in wedding mood more than dating mood.

And I have hope.  Jilly Cooper apparently is now on Tinder.  Blind Date is to make a comeback on our TVs later in the year.

And Agony Uncle has promised to buy me a Big Mac on his return.

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