Saturday, 1 April 2017

What women want

Apparently, a new study has found that women prefer to split the bill on a first date and would rather calculate who ordered what, than let the man pay for everything

Women in the same survey also revealed that would-be Romeos should avoid discussing the weather or suggest watching a horror film if they want to progress beyond a first date.

The 2,500 women interviewed for the study said that kindness and a sense of humour are the top characteristics they are looking for in men, and that confidence trumps looks every time.

Well, ain't that the truth!

I put this splitting the bill theory to Agony Uncle when we eventually met up for our posh supper.  He poo poo'ed the idea and said he would be most uncomfortable with any woman who sat and calculated the bill in order to split it fairly so that each paid for their own items.  He went on to say, which I know from experience, that as a gentleman, he always picks up the bill on the first date, yet he is often asked by the woman if he expects anything in return for the meal. How rude!

I told him that I even say in my profile that I always offer to split the bill on all dates so that blokes know that I'm not looking for a free lunch, yet I still have little or no interest on the sites.

By the time our own bill arrived, I already had my purse out on the table and it felt perfectly natural to offer cash to Agony Uncle when the waiter presented him with the bill.  Agony Uncle suggested the amount the bill should be rounded up to and I agreed, and passed him my crisp notes. It all felt perfectly comfortable and natural

I told him about my forthcoming meeting with the broker from the introduction agency next week, and he wished me well.  He knows from his own experiences that we have to trawl the sites daily so as not to miss that one Miss or Mr Right when they appear.  His determination has certainly paid off and he has now been with his new lady for 5 months and still cannot believe he has found The One after all these years of searching, but he did let it slip that before he found her, he was on the sites daily, and at all times of the day, including when he should have been working.  Such was his quest to find someone.  I don't think/I hope I am not that desperate.

As we said our goodbyes in the car park, he left me with his usual pearls of wisdom and chastised me for returning the RSVP for my daughter's wedding, in which I advised I would not be taking a guest.  He said a lot could happen in the next 3 months and I should always keep the door open.

It was good to have a morale boost, especially as the sites have gone quiet again.

Tipperary Man must be spending a lot of time in the Quiet Carriage of trains as there has been no more contact from him, after he suggested we postpone our meeting until after the Cheltenham Festival which according to my diary finished 3 weeks ago.

I've heard nothing more from Richard.  I think I lost him when I mentioned clothes shopping for an outfit for a friend's son's wedding last weekend...

The self-confessed idiot whose wife and partner took all his money and properties and who asked for a second chance to rearrange his date with me, and who I forgave, suggesting he used the mobile number I'd given him to let me know when he would like to meet, has, unsurprisingly,  not been in touch.

PC Plod texted me his number and I replied, saying I'd enjoyed our chat and hoped to speak to him again soon.  He then replied by return, commenting on the weather and wishing me a nice weekend.  That was a week ago.  Hmmm!

All other contacts have dried up completely.  There have been no more messages on either of the sites, so I must have fallen to the bottom off the heap again.  All my hopes are now pinned on my meeting in the lobby of a swanky hotel in London next week with a lady with a swanky double-barrelled surname who thinks she can broker a match for me through her swanky introduction agency.  For a large fee.  The meeting, however, is without obligation, and she assured me when she phoned me to arrange our meeting, that she doesn't pressure clients into joining her agency.

At the moment, this is all I have to look forward to in the dating world.  But I am definitely looking forward to it.